Gelli Fach

Gelli Fach

I'm a cell, I'm fragmented, I change my form;
I'm a repository of song, I'm a dynamic state.
I love a wooded slope and a snug shelter,
and a creative poet who doesn't buy his advancement.

Wyf kell, wyf dellt, wyf datweirllet;
wyf llogell kerd, wyf lle ynnyet.
Karaf-y gorwyd a goreil clyt,
a bard a bryt ny pryn y ret.

From: Legendary Poems from the Book of Taliesin, edited and translated by Marged Haycock

Friday, 28 December 2012

Winter Solstice Meditation

As our planet turns away from the sun may we earth-dwellers rest easy in the darkness, finding in it a place of regeneration and creativity. As we each light our small flames to remember the greater radiance, to call ourselves back to it, let us remember that we are creatures born of the light and the dark, our bodies and minds attuned to the rhythms of a greater universe.

In an age when we worship light and stake our lives on the power of electricity, may we remember the wisdom born of darkness and rest with openness and fortitude in its cloak. As the days go by, may we greet the return of the light strengthened by our sojourn in the mantle of its conjoined twin, the darkness, without which the light could not exist.

If, as the Mayans believed, we are moving into a new cycle, may it be one in which we come to understand fully our place among the other denizens of our world; may sacredness return to all our transactions, those between ourselves but also those with other living beings and with the material elements of earth. At this time of gift exchange, as we strengthen our bonds with family, friends and neighbours, may we understand that the gifts and talents of all, not just our own small circle, are needed by us all and therefore nurturing each other is an act of mutual benefit..

For all things we share this world with - whether they are animate or inanimate, seen or unseen - have gifts to offer - to us, to each other, to the earth. If, in true reciprocity, we honour what they are, what they give, may we come to know ourselves as true citizens of the earth and find an undreamed of fulfillment and harmony in sharing, exchanging and nurturing rather than in plundering, appropriating and dominating.

Rob fír fírthar, rob bríg brígther (Old Irish) - May it be a truth that is fulfilled, may it be a power that is enacted.

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